We believe that the future of housing construction will force us to design and build houses that are more affordable, easily expandable, properly insulated, requiring almost zero energy, that are earthquake and fire-proof safe and that can be built in a very short period of time without the need for highly specialised labour.

We, at Vivacitas Homes, have brought this future demand in today's reality.

Our technology of CFS /LGS/ system allows us to pre-engineer off-site the elements of the walls and roof frames and have them delivered on site for fast assembling, thus reducing material and labour cost, as well as construction time.

We design our projects to achieve Passive House Standard with modern design and technology, properly insulated and airtight, requiring a minimum amount of energy for heating and cooling, that can be completed in 3-4 months and at a lower cost than traditionally built houses.

Each house or low-rise building is specifically designed following the exact requirements of the owner, in order to reflect his own personality and needs in space utilization, interior design, and budget.

By providing complete cost analysis early in the process we help the project owner to reduce the possible risks related to costs. This allows him to truly bring a better value to his project and not to be forced to reduce the quality later on, in order to lower the final cost.

We work in colours providing the owner with better visuals, and with easier access and understanding to the digital information provided. This gives him the ability to visualize and comprehend the final project, allowing him to proceed with its implementation in a much earlier stage.

The owner can see it, understand it and know how much it will cost, before starting the implementation.

Vivacitas homes has the ability to deliver faster and better coordinated projects, while reducing the owner’s risk, and the cost of the construction.

By providing virtual drawings, the issues are solved faster and in advance, and not in the field.

We assist the owner to make his relationship with the contractor easier and productive. Our process of design involves the construction teams in an early stage. This reduces the lead time and provides approvals in an early stage, thus resolving design issues and reducing owner’s cost, risk, and finally the delivery of the project.

We at Vivacitas homes in addition to reducing the owner’s risk we are also helping the contractor. We are providing him with detailed and more specific information regarding materials needed, quantities and labour schedules. This way, his sub-contractors can provide him with a faster and more accurate offer. In turn he can also provide the owner a fast and more accurate final cost. The contractor is able to reduce the time spent on preparing bid offers and eventually be able to offer a lower and more accurate price. This could eventually secure him more orders.

We at Vivacitas Homes are working for the benefit of the owner, the contractor, and the sub-contractor.

Let us design and create your future home.