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What We Do

We design passive houses and buildings

utilizing CFS wall and roof frames

Creating the plans

We prepare professional architectural and construction plans and details

Interior design

All our architectural plans include the interior design and furniture proposals so the client can have a very clear picture of the space utilization.

We provide a 3D model and visualizations

Modern graphics to display the final version of the project and draw attention of investors and clients.

For the construction companies

who already have a project we can supply them with only the CFS frames as required.

House assembly

The construction of the house will be done by our authorized subcontractors.

CFS - Cold-Formed Steel Buildings

Why build with CFS.

For the last several years cold-formed steel structures can be seen all around us, but mostly in the sphere of industrial buildings. However implementing that type of construction into the residential buildings was imminent and most important - necessary. As the market grows the need for affordable housing is growing exponentially. Here are several key factors why CFS can deliver the necessary structure for budget houses: 

High strength-to-weight ratio

Steel framing strength­-to-­weight ratio significantly exceeds that of concrete. Being strong and relatively lightweight, CFS systems reduce a building’s total load which, in turn, allows the owner to save costs beginning at the foundation.


Panelizing CFS wall panels off-site reduces on-­site labor costs and construction waste. It cuts the total project cycle time and improves quality control, since CFS components can be created to exact measurements.

Shorter project cycles

The predictability and accuracy of steel components speed up the process and allow follow­-on trades to get to work sooner. The shorter construction timeframe reduces interim financing costs for projects. It also narrows the window of construction-related liability and allows for earlier building occupancy.

Better results during winter time

Ready-mixed supply of CIP concrete during winter construction can add cost to a project and concrete requires artificial heat in order to cure during cold temperatures. Neither of these costs are associated with steel framing.

Earlier project completion and budget savings

Steel’s shorter construction cycle means equipment can move on and off the job site faster. This lowers crane costs and reduces scaffold rental times, for example.

Product durability

Steel is dimensionally stable and does not expand or contract with changes in moisture content. Steel will not warp, split, crack or creep when exposed to the elements. When materials like brick are exposed to moisture, they swell. When dried, wood will warp, crack, chip, split and spall. Concrete and concrete block will shrink and form shrinkage cracks. Dimensional stability concerns are magnified when these types of materials are used in taller mid-rise buildings. Additionally, steel is resistant to termites and rodents.


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