Marathonas House

This house is designed to be placed on the island of Aegina, Greece. It is suitable for year-round living or as a summer rental unit. It is a two story house with an additional existing building, located in the north east part of the plot, that will be remodeled and act as a guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The main entrance of the house is located in the middle of the house on the ground floor, between the “day” area and the “night” area. In accordance with the greek construction law, there should not be any openings for doors and windows on the south side of the building. That is why directly in front of the main entrance, a small atrium is designed, which will help for better ventilation and more daylight to pass through. On the south-west part of the house on the ground floor there is a spacious room with kitchen, dining area for 6-8 people and a living area. The kitchen is designed to have maximum functionality with 4 sq.m. of countertop and a window on top of the sink with a view towards the street and the lounge area on the veranda. On the north-east part of the house a bedroom and a bathroom are located. Second floor is designed for a spacious bedroom with an in-suite bathroom located on top of the ground level bedroom. The rest of the second floor is left to act as a secondary veranda from where you have a stunning view towards the sea. The 2 bedrooms enjoy queen size beds or alternatively 2 single beds each, and have ample closet space. With its beautiful porch covered with wooden pergola this house is the ideal place to relax during the hot summer days on a Greek island. All the materials and interior/exterior proposals you see here can be designed according to the client's desires and needs.


  • FLOORS - 2
  • BEDROOMS - 2
  • FLOOR AREA - 53.50 sq.m.
  • BUILT AREA - 83.60 sq.m.