Vivacitas Villa

Designed as a two story single family unit, this barn house reflects the modern living stereotype. Metal sheeting, plaster and wood are key components here, making it unique, slick and suitable for every environment. Plan wise the main entry is at the mid north facade from where one enters the main living room. At the west side of the building there is a bedroom with a separate bathroom. This suite can be used as a guest room, or office space, depending on the needs of the client. The second floor can be reached by the staircase at northeast - next to the entry door. At this level we’ve designed two bedrooms each one with a separate bathroom. There is a balcony connecting both rooms on the south facade. All the materials and interior proposals you see here can be designed according to the clients desires and needs.


  • FLOORS - 2
  • BEDROOMS - 3
  • FLOOR AREA - 66.00 sq.m.
  • BUILT AREA - 138.00 sq.m.